About us

The Daffodil Foundation is a charity which was launched on the 3rd July 2015 by the board and management of Daffodil Care Services Ltd.

Our mission statement provides the flexibility to assess evolving challenges faced by young people in Ireland and to apply our resources accordingly.

The work of The Daffodil Foundation will focus on:

  • Supporting and promoting the wellbeing of young people by developing a national outreach service promoting mental health awareness and supporting suicide prevention to be delivered through secondary schools by Social Care Training Ireland.
  • Young people in Direct Provision through funding for educational supports, extra-curricular activities and social initiatives. We will be engaging with all stakeholders, including the Reception & Integration Agency (RIA) and the Minister of State with Responsibilities for New Communities, Culture and Equality, representative groups and agencies currently working in this area.
  • Providing needs-assessed financial support packages for young people leaving care, assisting with their transition to independent living.

For further information or to support The Daffodil Foundation in our work, email info@daffodilfoundation.com or call 0818 903 984.

Executive Statement

In meeting the objective as set out in our mission which is to support and promote the wellbeing of young people in Ireland, and having assessed the many challenges young people face in today’s society, The Daffodil Foundation adopts a flexible approach to supporting these evolving needs.

Our current focused to:

  • support young people leaving care.
  • mental health initiatives supporting young people in the community and in education.
  • Partnering with ISPCC to provide an Integration Support Service to young people and families residing in Direct Provision and campaigning for change to bring about a more humane process for those seeking asylum.

We are grateful to our donors, sponsors and fundraisers for their support in raising funds for the Foundation along with staff within the Daffodil Group, who have been very active in raising funds throughout the year.

We remain committed to supporting the work of Daffodil Foundation, to support and promote the wellbeing of young people in Ireland now, and into the future.

Pat Hayes


The Daffodil Foundation