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COVID-19 How are you doing?

The Daffodil Foundation would like to give your school an opportunity to avail of our workshop for primary school children titled ‘Covid19 – How am I doing?’.

This initiative was created by the Daffodil Foundation in conjunction with clinical psychologist, broadcaster and author, Dr.David Coleman. This initiative is fully funded by the Daffodil Foundation and delivered at no cost to your school. The workshop is delivered in the form of an animated video with key characters explaining Covid-19, restrictions, re-openings and vaccines, all of which we have become all to familiar with over the last year and a half.

The animation's built in activities ensure class engagement and also ensure you will gather information from students regarding how they have felt and feel about Covid-19!

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  2. We will send an email with the video file and associated workbooks
  3. Press play and let your class enjoy the workshop!